Apexlistings brings together a wide range of freelance skills. Step out of the crowd in two ways

a) Optionally mark your service as "Featured" for Ksh 200

b) Optionally get verified for FREE

Who is a verified freelancer?

The verified feature allows us to get to know a little more about our freelancers, their skills, and the type of services they offer. This way we can match them to Buyers who request for freelancer matching. When a buyer requests us to find a freelancer for their task, we only send them a freelancer whom we have verified.

To get verified, submit a brief career profile such as your LinkedIn profile, personal website, links to other freelance profiles you have, and/or any relevant certificate. It is optional to get verified but highly recommended especially if you want to build trust not just with clients but Apexlistings as well.

                             Verified Freelancer Apexlistings


It's free to get verified however, it may take some time for your request to be processed depending on the queue. Click below to send your request.

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