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Are you a writer? Apexlistings is looking for writers like you!

If you are joining the writers' hub now, please note we have updated the terms affecting only new members.

Apexlistings is a freelance platform that showcases freelance skills such as freelance writing, virtual assistance, web design, data entry, transcription, and so many others.

If you are a writer looking for freelance writing jobs in Kenya, we have good news! We recently launched a program to support our freelance writers. 

Our topics of interest include Technology News, Freelancing News, Freelance How-tos, Making money online, Software, Digital Marketing, Personal development, and e-commerce among others.

There are 1000's of titles to write about but you need to go through a paid training manual. We are not training you to write but we are training you on what we specifically want you to do. This means you need to have intermediate writing skills before you purchase our training manual.

Anyone who makes a purchase and reads the guide qualifies to start writing for us. To save time, we have updated the terms. Before you purchase the manual, submit a piece of writing about yourself. Just send it to writers@apexfreelancers.co.ke

The editor will get in touch with you to inform you whether you qualify for the program or not. If you qualify, you can then purchase the guide. If you don't qualify to write for us, you can still participate in other tasks on our task board.

Why the change of terms?

We changed the terms because freelancers are purchasing the guide while they don't have writing skills and the editors are overloaded with content that is not useful.

We are therefore very strict on who qualifies to write for us even before the purchase is made.

What is contained in the manual?

An introduction section

Steps to follow

Our writing principles

Article submission and how you get paid

Can I buy and not receive work?

No, everybody should receive work because we have simplified the training material so that anybody can follow as long as you are an intermediate writer. Make sure to submit a piece of writing about yourself to writers@apexfreelancers.co.ke before purchasing.

Are there any other purchases before starting work?

No. Once you have the guide you don't need to make any other purchases. In fact, you can even enjoy other services for free.

Why do you sell the training manual?

We sell the manual because in it we share classified information and secondly, we use this purchase as a filter. Only those who are serious about writing will make the purchase and we guarantee them writing topics. With you buying the manual, we prepare so much detail in the background that's why we want the serious ones only.

How much do you pay?

We pay Ksh 700 for an article of 700-1000 words paid directly to your Mpesa.

Is there a limit to the number of articles I can write per month?

Yes, because the number of writers has increased, you will write 10 articles per month in your own free time. This only affects new members of the hub. The rest of the members continue with the initial terms.

I am a beginner, can I buy the manual?

If you have writing skills but have never done any commercial articles, you can buy the training manual after receiving approval from the editor. Send an article about yourself to writers@apexfreelancers.co.ke and wait for feedback.

How do I buy?

Once approved by the editor, you can now buy the manual. Go to your Mpesa menu> Lipa na Mpesa>Use the Paybill 786936>Put your username as account number>Enter amount Ksh 1500>Enter your PIN.

Once you receive the Mpesa message send the transaction code by clicking the link below.

For any other questions, contact us.



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