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Got products and services to promote online? We present you with an opportunity to engage our audience with relevant products and services using native ads, banner ads, sponsored listings, and more

Whether you are selling computers & accessories, online courses, or anything else, we are here to promote you!


Types of Ads

Banner 1: Leaderboard 

Best for advertising multiple products. We place these types of ads at strategic places that guarantee maximum exposure.

Sample Ad: Laptops


Banner 2: Standard Banner

Best for advertising services. We place these types of ads within content that is relevant to the ad itself.

Sample Ad: Web design for doctors

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Homepage Sliding Cards

This is more useful for services or products that are already listed on our website. These include freelance services and artisan products & services. They attract more attention on your item.

Sponsored articles 

Sponsored articles give your products and services a chance to reach more people. We publish sponsored articles on our social media pages and also via email digest. The power of a sponsored article is that you only pay once and your ad lives on as long as the article remains published. 

Your ad may appear like this

Sample Ad: Advertising photo editing service