Apexlistings Freelancers is an advertising platform for freelancers to showcase their skills and get connected to Buyer clients. We are based in Mombasa. Being a freelance platform, we have both in-office staff and freelance virtual assistants from different parts of the country assisting with operations.

The platform features two groups of users. Freelancers who advertise their skills in the form of services and Buyers who hire for short-term tasks.

We are located along Moi Avenue Mombasa Near Moi University Coast Campus.

Key Leadership


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As the founder of Apexlistings, I have always been passionate about freelancing. Being a freelancer myself, I have 13 years of experience on different platforms. Apexlistings is my platform which I started back in 2018 but has since encountered numerous challenges. Up to now, I have identified a working model which showcases freelance skills from across the country. 

Traditionally, when a person wants to hire for a short task, they would rely on their close circle. Apexlistings seeks to widen the circle such that when you are looking to hire someone to fill in a contact list, produce a price list, research a topic, write an article, transcribe a file, typeset a document, fill in an Excel file, design a logo or any other task, you can simply visit the website and find options.

My background is in ICT and am also a psychologist. Since my graduation back then, I have freelanced my way through the years and was successful at it. Apexlistings is about creating part-time opportunities where freelancers can earn extra income and at the same time consolidate skills and talents together for buyers to browse through.

To connect with me, find me on LinkedIn or send me an email.

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Being the co-founder of Apexlistings, I wear many hats. I am in charge of administration, marketing, and strategy. I hold a 

Apexlistings is not entirely a job site, but it showcases in-demand skills and allows for interaction and hiring to take place. Freelancers benefit by bringing forward their skills while Buyers benefit by getting small tasks done easily.



 I recently completed a freelance project for Apex Freelance and had an excellent experience. They were great to work with, providing clear communication and expectations throughout the project. Most importantly, they paid promptly, which is always appreciated. I highly recommend Apex Freelance to any freelancer looking for reliable and professional clients.

 - Jimmy, a Freelancer


 "Apexlistings does help a lot. I am familiar with the initial website of apexlistings.co.ke as that is where I interacted with different freelancers for different tasks. Now that you moved to a new domain, it is more simple and I see you have upgraded your support channels."

 - Obadia, IT Director Kilifi County


 "I am Emma Michelle, I joined a few months ago. I am an article writer. I am a university student in Mombasa. I am glad that Apexlistings gave me an opportunity to contribute to their blog. I have done several articles and got paid. You can view one of my articles here (Data Entry Jobs)."

- Emma, a freelancer


 "I have a relationship with Apexlistings for many years. I was very active in the old website but secured only a few jobs. When they moved to a new domain, I did a fresh registration and started doing articles. Sometimes payment is delayed for example 3 days but when you email support, you get assistance and you receive payment. Honestly I like the fact that you don't have to wait for a buyer to come, you can start earning by writing articles for their blog. Other businesses would treat these as guest posts and not pay for them but Apexlistings pays to do guest posting on their blog which is amazing. "

 - Joe K.


 "Thank you Apexlistings, we got a landing page designed in one day! We wanted a simple page that contained information and photos. Your designer was very good."                                                          

- Muhammad Jahangir


 " Some of the things we outsource include typesetting, Excel formulation, graphs and charts in MS Word, posters such as Christmas posts, Easter posts etc and Apexlistings has always provided us with verified freelancers to help us."

- Mwangaza Micro Enterprises